About beands included in Asalatos - Safety and quarantine information

Beans and small stones are contained in our Asalatos. There are some views that the red beans, originally contained in Asalato from Africa, might be toxic. We can not deny the possibility of the damage to health these red beans cause.
So currently we don't use these red beans as the contents of Asalatos. However old products contains them, also now and forward we can not say there is no possibility of contaminations perfectly.
Please don't taste or eat, nor crush or scatter any contents of Asalatos, nor rub skin with them. In those cases we can not assume the responsibility for the health damage.
We appreciate your understanding.

For your information the beans in our Asalatos are parched on fire sufficiently, so they will never sprout. We ship Asalatos with description of this fact on the customs declaration form. Specially regarding Asalatos to Australia, we put plastic beads instead of natural beans. We can do the same as to Australia to any other country with your request.

Postscript 19 October 2018
Now we do not use beans but only small stones in the asalatos to oversea.

Still we can put in plastic beads instead of stones with your request.

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