ASALATO is a traditional African Instruments. We are working with this instrument more than 15 years, trying to provide the best quality ones. Now 3 types of ASALATOs are available for sale - extra hard, select, standard. Tuned for your pleasure !! アサラト asalato Japanese

Asalato extra hard

asalato extra hard
The best quality Asalato. Made of selected extra hard shells. These ASALATOs are one-of-a-kind and limited production. Individually tuned in good balance for comfort playing and clear clicking sound.

Price : 5,000 JPY (for both hands)
6/12 Ready for export !!

Asalato Select

asalato select model
The high quality Asalato. Made of selected shells and fine codes in various color. Individually tuned in good balance for comfort playing and excellent sound. We make this product at your request. 4 sizes available.

Price : 3,600 - 3,800 JPY (for both hands)

Standard Asalato

standard asalato
Tuned in good balance with black nylon codes. Good price, steady quality. 4 sizes available.

Price : 1,200 - 1,400 JPY (for one hand)
4/4 specification renewed !!

What is Asalato ?

Asalato is a traditional west African musical instrument. One asalato is made of 2 natural nuts shells, seeds or beans inside the shell, and a code connecting 2 shells. Simple but unique, it can produce various rhythms in 6/8 time or 16 beats. A ball held in a palm, while the code goes between a forefinger and the middle finger. When the hand moves back and force, the other ball turns around a palm and 2 balls hit each other, creating click & shaker sounds.

About beans included in Asalatos - Safety and quarantine information


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