JARL New Year QSO Party 2014 updated 30 November 2013

Here is a "JARL New Year QSO Party 2014" unofficial site.
JARL official site: http://www.jarl.org/English/0-2.htm

1. Object: For stations in Japan and all over the world to exchange their new-year greetings each other. 2. Qualification: All amateur radio stations and SWL's worldwide are eligible for participation. Stations outside of JA must work with (receive) JA stations only. 3. Frequency and Mode: All frequencies and modes licensed to the station, including 135kHz and 10/18/24MHz. Note: This QSO party is NOT A CONTEST! 3. Date and Period: Begins 0000Z, 2 January 2014, ends 1200Z, 3 January 2014. (36 hours) 4. Entry Categories: 4-1. Amateur Radio Station (entry code = 30) 4-2. SWL (entry code = 31). 5. Call: "CQ new year party" or "CQ NYP" 6. Exchange: RST + name 7. Scoring: 7-1. QSO Points: Count one point for each complete two-way QSO (reception) on each band. No multiplier applied. 7-2. Only once QSO per band with same station. 8. Miscellaneous: Contacts made through repeaters cannot be counted for the party. 9. Submission: 9-1. Summary sheet must include your callsign used, entry category, points by band and total score. It should also include a signed declaration indicating that you have observed the rules of the party and regulations. 9-2. Log sheet must contain band, date, time in UTC, call of station worked, exchange sent and exchange received. Use a separate sheet for each band. 9-3. Only paperlogs are accepted. Addressed to: QSO Party, JARL, Tokyo 170-8073, JAPAN. 9-4. Deadline for submission is 31 January 2014 (postmarked). 9-5. Stations who have worked with (received) 20 or more stations, and wish to obtain the "Sticker for 2014" please enclose SASE (80JPY, for JA stations) or SAE with 2 IRCs (for DX stations) with your logs. 10. Special Plaque: The stations who achieve to collect consecutive twelve stickers can apply "Special Plaque". Please ask JARL for more details. Rule translation: JR0BAQ jr0baq_at_jarl.com

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