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name Kohei, Michiko and Momoka Nishiyama
callsign JR0BAQ/Kohei, JF0KYK/Michiko, JJ0NNX/Momoka
address Maki, Joetsu, Niigata Japan

Our antenna farm at our home. broken by heavy, wet and sticky snow...

From the top of tower, vertical for 144/430MHz, 7element yagi for 50MHz and 8element logperiodic array for 14 through 30MHz (broken).

Now we have installed DJ2UT multiband beam from Sommer Antennas. It works on 7/14/18/21/24/28MHz.

at Tokyo Big Sight (HamFair '97) on Aug 23, 1997
photo by JN1XLV

from left to right...

Michiko Nishiyama
date of birth: 25 October, 196?
JF0KYK licensed: 20 July, 1990
EI4VWW (Visitors permit in Ireland) licensed: 21 June, 2001
EI8FOB licensed: 10 August, 2001
Japanese third class amateur radio operator

Kohei Nishiyama
date of birth: 30 September, 1964
JR0BAQ licensed: 21 April, 1982
EI4VWT (Visitors permit in Ireland) licensed: 29 September, 1999
EI8JC licensed: 22 June, 2001
operated 8N1OGA: 27 September - 5 October, 2002
Japanese first class amateur radio operator
especially interested in DXing (IOTA200 claimed),
QRP (built NC-20, 49er, 38special-in progress)

Momoka Nishiyama
date of birth: 20 March, 1996
JJ0NNX licensed: 24 July, 2007
Japanese third class amateur radio operator

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