How to order ( international )

Temporary We can not send airmail to many counries.
Japan post International mail
Service availability by country

Foreign customers, please inform me the following things by E-MAIL (

I will inform you the total cost ( item price + shipping cost + PAYPAL charge ) by return mail, and send you a PAYPAL money request.

Payment methods

I can accept the payment in advance, in Japanese yen, by PAYPAL.
I will send you the PAYPAL money request as soon as I receive your order.
PAYPAL remittance charge (3.9% + 40 JPY) is included in the requested amount.


I will dispatch the order by EMS (Express Mail Service) to your address as soon as I receive the payment to my paypal account.
EMS charge table
total weight with packing becomes : within 500g (1-2 pair of asalatos)

An example of the total cost

item : ASALATO SELECT (ml-size)
quantity : 1 pair
country : Asia

ASALATO SELECT 4200 JPY + EMS charge 1400 JPY + PAYPAL charge JPY = 5858 JPY

EMS charge table
Weight Asia Oceania, North America
Central America
the Middle East
Europe South America
Up to 500g
(1-2 pair of asalatos)
1,400 yen 2,000 yen 2,200 yen 2,400 yen

The customs duties are a burden for a buyer. Please contact post office or the custom in your country for inquiries concerning the import taxation and the quarantine rules.
For your information the beans in our asalatos are parched on fire sufficiently, so they will never sprout. We ship asalatos with description of this fact on the customs declaration form. Specially regarding asalatos to Australia, we put plastic beads instead of natural beans. We can do the same as to Australia to any other country with your request.

Postscript 19 October 2018
Now we do not use beans but only small stones in the asalatos to oversea.

Contact us

If you have any qustion, please feel free to contact us. By email please !

Tsuyoshi Watanabe

256 Matsunoo Nishikanku Niigatashi, Zip 953-0015, Japan
PHONE + 81 256 72 4607